雷曼事件的教訓 Learning From Lehman

Learning From Lehman 雷曼事件教訓
Saturday 15 September marks four years since the fall of the Lehman brothers, the beginning of the economic crisis. Seeing and experiencing how the economic system has caused pain and sorrow for many people around the world, we cannot forget, however, that it was once intended for something good and to benefit everybody. With the economy as well as our day-to-day lives, we have to remember to combine the qualities of compassion and wisdom with everything we do. 四年前的九月十五日,雷曼兄弟投資銀行倒閉,經濟危機開始浮現。我們目睹並體會到經濟體系如何令各地人們承受痛苦和憂愁,可是我們不應忘記,這個體系的原意是改善社會、造福人羣。面對經濟環境和日常生活,我們必須緊記,無論做任何事情,都要兼具慈悲和智慧。


Since I first started travelling almost 14 years ago, I have visited a great many different countries. While all my travels taught me a lot, this year’s European tour, ‘The Wealth of Europe,’ was particularly educational. I met with many young people, including some Young Ambassadors of the Prince’s Trust, and listened to what they are going through, how they feel about life, about the present economic situation, and also how they perceive the future. 我在十四年前左右開始踏足其他國家,到訪的地方多不勝數。這些旅程令我獲益良多,尤其是今年的歐洲之行,更別具教育意義。這次行程中我認識了一羣年輕人,包括王子信託基金(Prince’s Trust)的青年大使。他們談到自己的經歷,並講出對人生和目前經濟情況的感受,以及對未來的看法。
We are all connected

What I’ve also understood through all these interactions is that as long as we were born as human beings and live in this world, then no matter what kind of life we lead, we are all very much connected with all individuals and all societies of the world – so we cannot run away from worldly responsibilities and circumstances.




Even for myself, a Buddhist teacher who tries to follow the path of Buddha Shakyamuni, it is crucial to be aware of and connected with whatever is happening in the world. 即使是我,作為一個盡力依循佛陀教法的佛學導師,覺察和關心世事也是極為重要的。
With this in mind, I set up the Wealth of Europe initiative. Over 700 young Europeans have shared their concerns, aspirations and priorities in a poll over the last 10 weeks. The results of the poll clearly showed that the vast majority of young people rate non-material values far higher than material wealth. Based on what I have learned from the Buddha’s teachings, I had already expected these kinds of results. Nevertheless, they were very encouraging for me and gave me a lot of hope and inspiration. 為此,我成立了「歐洲財富」計劃 — 在過去十周,七百多名歐洲年輕人透過意見調查讓大家知道他們的憂慮、願望和最在意的東西。調查結果清楚顯示,大部份年輕人都認為非物質的價值觀念遠比物質財富重要。基於從佛法學到的知識,這個結論於我是意料中事,但這些調查結果仍然令人振奮,給我帶來很大的期望和鼓舞。
Positive qualities lie within us

No matter how challenging things may seem at times when we look at the state of the world, there is always hope and a way to overcome these challenges. Seeing the potential of young people in particular, all we need to do is share and communicate. By communicating and sharing our thoughts, the positive qualities that we all have, naturally emerge. Without communication we may have all kinds of positive means and ideas, but they lay dormant. However, once we start communicating, even the smallest of means becomes so vital and so effective.




We don’t have to put ourselves under pressure to change or reform the world: through awareness, as well as constant and clear communication we can have a holistic view and perspective of the world. We can take the simple example of the Wealth of Europe initiative: A few thoughts and insights were shared that raised awareness for the wealth of Europe through the lens of young people. 我們不用強逼自己改變或改善世界。透過覺察並經常保持清晰溝通,我們對世界便能有全面的看法。以「歐洲財富」計劃為例,由於一些想法和見解得以交流,令人可從年輕人的眼中認識歐洲的財富。


With awareness we naturally know that we have to focus on our inner wealth – that our inner qualities are among the most important factors in having a meaningful life. Through these qualities we will also have the wisdom of knowing how to go about material values, to what extent we have to utilise material wealth, and how to do so responsibly. 當我們了解情況,自然便知道應把注意力放在自身的精神財富上,而內在特質是決定人生是否有意義的一個重要因素。這些特質也令我們有智慧懂得如何接受物質觀念,知道怎樣有責任地善用物積質財富。


I hope that through further communication all of us will be able to bring awareness all over the world, to help learn and apply the lessons of the past. 希望大家可以藉着深入溝通,把對事情的認識帶給其他人,幫助人們從歷史中汲取教訓,避免重蹈覆轍。