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我們可能是宗教人士,哲學家,科學家,政治家,醫生, – 但誰能說,他們已經真正理解和平是什麼?我們可以用複雜的文字,邏輯,行為,但是仍然不能精確道出和平 – 仍然不會達致和平。
話雖如此,這並不代表如果我們為和平做一些事情是沒有價值的。然而,真正的價值在於我們現在能做些什麼來激發自己:為自己和他人追求和平 , 即使我們不真正知道和平是什麼。

因此,最好不要將自己疲於透過思考或抓住概念來認識「這是和平」 – 我們將永遠不會得到正確答案。但有一點我們可以肯定是對的,這就是我們對這個叫「和平」的東西的渴望。即使沒有其他明確的東西,有清晰的願望,這才是真正重要的事情。





每天只需要五分鐘作為開始:只是禪坐;平靜自己;專注於沒有執著任何念頭,無論它們是否正面或負面,必要或不必要的,重要的或不重要的。在這五分鐘,忘卻一切 – 忘卻自己於任何念頭。當你做到這一點,對和平的渴求,自然而然會出現。

#Karmapa’s message for today’s UN International Day of #Peace.
Dear dharma friends,
I believe that few of us really know what ‘peace’ means.

We may wish for ‘peace’ or do something ‘in the name of peace’, and though our motivations have merit, we really can have no idea whether our actions, gestures or words really contribute to this idea of peace.
We may be religious people, philosophers, scientists, politicians, doctors,­ – but who can say that they have really understood what peace is? We can use sophisticated words, logic, actions, but that still really won’t pinpoint peace ­– it still won’t achieve peace.
Having said this, it doesn’t mean that if we do something in the name of peace that there is no value. However, the real value lies in what we can do right now to motivate ourselves: we can aspire to seek peace, for ourselves and for others ­– even if we don’t know exactly what it is.

Therefore, it is better not to tire ourselves out by thinking ‘this is peace’ and grasping at the concept – we will never get it right. But one thing we can get right, is to know that we want this thing called peace. Even though nothing else might be clear, the aspiration is clear, and this is what really matters.
So I would like to ask everyone to use not just the UN International Day of Peace, but every day, to sustain your aspiration for peace, your longing for peace.
We have all been born as human beings and as such we have the precious and unique opportunity to aspire to peace. Most beings wouldn’t even have this chance due to so many obstacles. So please don’t lose this opportunity to aspire for peace.
In order to support this aspiration, I would ask everyone to learn, contemplate and meditate.
What I mean by ‘learn’ is to educate yourselves about the nature of compassion, the nature of wisdom. And then whatever you have learned, examine it closely, and reflect on it. Then, whatever you have deduced from deep listening and contemplation, meditate on that. When you do this, you will be meditating on the basis of compassion and wisdom, a state of mind where there is no grasping and no judgment.
Take five minutes a day to start with: just meditate; calm yourself; focus on the non­grasping of any thoughts; any ideas of any kind, whether they are positive or negative, necessary or unnecessary, important or unimportant. During these five minutes, lose everything – lose yourself from any thoughts. And when you do this, the aspiration for peace will naturally emerge.


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