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佛教 / 願力和奉獻心


13 September 3:00pm


In the end, there is nothing that particularly belongs to Buddhism. Buddhism is simply for the sake of sentient beings, for the sake of liberation, for the sake of enlightenment. #Buddha compiled all of the things in life that are valuable, all the things that will bring clarity, and put them together and taught them in a very interesting way.

1 September 3:00pm

#Karmapa on Aspiration and Dedication

Once we have a very good and steady progression of aspiration and dedication, then every action, every thought that we accumulate becomes positive and becomes a practice. So then, whether we are walking, talking, sitting, or sleeping, everything becomes joyous, everything becomes meritorious. Therefore, it is very important to know how to make aspirations and dedicate.


慈悲 / 佛陀

karmapa-fb0609166 September



#Karmapa on #Compassion

We may accumulate all forms of unnecessary karmas, but this is not something that we cannot overcome. Of course, there are various means to overcome all these karmas. But the practice of compassion is something that we can apply very easily and develop easily too, without much of an effort. And at the same time, compassion offers immense benefit in a very short period of time. Since we are all trying to follow the ways of Bodhisattvas, compassion should be our main practice.


8 September


佛陀把生命真正意義顯現於他的人生當中 – 將所有正面的榜樣傳揚出去。他的人生就是他的信息。如果大家對此有所體會丶認同,又或者至少在我們的生活當中能遵循和運用這些意義,那麼我相信佛陀會為此而感到歡喜。

Budddha’s main purpose lay in the way in which he lived his life – whatever positive examples he could pass on. His life was his message. If we truly appreciate this, and at least aim to follow and apply this purpose in our own lives, then I think this is something that he would have liked.

#Karmapa on #Buddha


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23 August 3pm


Karmapa on Sharing

We are trying our best to follow the path. We feel the benefit of our practice, in terms of finding peace in our minds, finding clarity, focus and meaning in our lives. So because we feel the benefit of practice, we feel that it is also our responsibility as a human being, as a citizen of the world to share this knowledge. It was also the wish of the great Buddha to share his knowledge. Buddha said that it is our responsibility to share, not because someone told us to do it or it is our duty, but it is in our nature to share knowledge that is helpful for us.



karmapa-fb18081618 August 4pm



#Karmapa on Hope

We cannot change the course of other people’s karma, but we can be an example and bring inspiration. And by being a positive role model and by being a good example, then we can bring immense hope. And probably the best gift is the gift of offering hope. By giving hope then it really heals whatever illness or difficulty there might be.