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怎樣對批評作反應/ 從别人看自己


11 October



#Karmapa on How To Respond To Criticism

In some cases, it may be that others’ criticisms are constructive, in which case the brave and courageous mind will see merits in these criticisms and embrace them. Only a wise mind can embrace criticism. However, when we are criticised in an unconstructive way, we should think of such words as mere echoes, and nothing more.


15 October


剛開始時,我們反觀一些在生命裏経歷過非常簡單的例子有關仁愛及慈悲的,跟著我們便可以問自己這些仁愛及慈悲是否存在於所有人。久而久之,如果我們真的努力地去思維,我們便會發現是的,每個人都擁有這些潛能- 不論我們從那裏來、做什麼、或是怎様成長。如是思維,都會成為願力的重要泉源。

#Karmapa on Seeing Ourselves in Others

When we look at each other, it is very much like seeing the reflection of ourselves. If at first we are caught by our afflictive emotions and karma then, when we look at each other, we might see the reflection of those afflictive emotions and negative karmas. But if we concentrate on our pure nature, on our enlightened nature, and then look at each other, then we will see exactly that.

At first, we reflect on very simple examples of kindness and compassion that we have experienced in this life. Then we can ask ourselves whether such kindness and compassion exists in all of us. Over time, if we really think hard, then we will discover that yes, everyone shares this very potential – regardless of where we come from, what we do, or our upbringing. In this way, it becomes a great source of inspiration.



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如何有智慧地禪修/ 為什麼父母和朋友都是上師

karmapa-fb0710167 October



How to Meditate Wisely

During the experience of meditation, when one feels that it is comforting, blissing, peaceful, one shouldn’t label them as such and think that this must be liberation or what it means to be liberated. Instead, the best way to meditate is to add what is known as ‘vipassana’ or insight or wisdom, to see that yes, it is calming the mind, it is peaceful, but instead of getting carried away, we simply observe and then just let things be.


13 October


作為一位修行者,特別是一個初學者,你必須要有一位上師。所有的人都會找到自己的上師。是的,你一定會找到一位,這只是時間的問題。但在這之前,其實你已經有自己的上師。你應該明白,我的意思是說,你的父母,你的朋友 – 除非他們都已離開你的世界,否則他們是你最偉大的知識來源。無論他們是佛教徒還是非佛教徒:不管他們是什麼傳統和宗教,他們就是知識的來源。

#Karmapa on Why Parents and Friends are Teachers

As a practitioner, particularly a beginner, you must have a teacher. All of you will find a teacher. Yes, you will find one. It is only a matter of time. But until then you already have teachers, you see. I mean to say, your parents, your friends – unless they have all left from your world they are the greatest source of knowledge. It doesn’t matter whether they are Buddhists or not Buddhists: they are a source of knowledge regardless of their tradition and religion.




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簡單清静原自本心/ 心識並不複雜

karmapa-fb29091627 September



然而,當他們曰漸長大,學習到我們複雜的想法,便使事情越來越困難。而這時,當我們試圖去理解一些很簡單的東西,大家都習慣將事物連繫到一些非常複雜的事情,並想「事情一定很複雜!」 因此,我們相信,一定有東西是我們沒有看到的。並且,不管使用任何方法也要找到這神秘的東西。但由於事情根本並不複雜,我們不會找到任何東西,因為從來就沒有什麼所謂「複雜」。而正因為我們沒有找到任何複雜的結果,我們更相信我們的想法是正確,一定有什麼神秘的東西存在。就是因為我們沒有找到任何東西,我們便強加一個標籤在這些懷疑上。這使事情變得非常,非常困難。

Our mind, in general, is not complicated at all.

It is very simple, very clear. In its nature, there is neither any hope nor fear, nor anything else. When we observe a toddler, we can see that their way of viewing the same world that we view is very, very simple. There is almost none of our fears and hopes at that time.

Of course, as they grow up, they learn our complicated ways and make things more and more difficult. And now, when we try to capture something very simple, we are so used to relating to things in a very complicated way that we tell ourselves “It must be complicated!” Therefore, we believe that there must be something that we do not see. And so we use whichever means are available to find this mysterious thing. But since it is not complicated, we will not find it, because there was never anything complicated in the first place. And as a result of not finding anything complicated, we sort of confirm our doubts that there really must be something mysterious. Because we do not find anything, we make up something, a label, to apply on top of this doubt. This makes things very, very difficult.

29 September



#Karmapa on Dealing With Difficult Thoughts

The source of simplicity comes from the heart.

Whenever we are in turmoil, confusion, all kinds of difficult thoughts and circumstances arise. When we calm ourselves down – whether we are Buddhists or not – in the end we can find a middle ground where we can see that applying the simple things in our lives helps and makes sense. In Buddhism, everything is about really making it simple, so that we can apply that simplicity in our everyday life.


(Photo/Magda Jungowska)


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