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菩薩的行為和菩薩的態度 / 慈悲心是我們最好的武器


為拯救他人不要遇溺,我們必先確保自己不會遇溺。我們本身需懂得游泳。所以,如果學習游泳的背後是一種利益他人的推動(在我們的情況而言是利益有情眾生的動機),那就是菩薩行- 菩薩行為和菩薩的態度。

21 March
In order to save someone from drowning, we must first make sure that we do not drown. We have to be able to swim. So, if the act of learning how to swim is motivated by a beneficial cause (in our case, the motivation of wanting to benefit sentient beings) then it is a Bodhisattva practice – a Bodhisattva act and Bodhisattva attitude.







24 March

Compassion is the best weapon we have

No matter what kind of aggression we feel, the best weapon that we have as human beings is compassion.

This doesn’t mean that we have to constantly offer our cheeks to be slapped, but instead we can very skilfully express this compassion by having great patience, by bearing all the difficulties that we might face.

Compassion can really overcome all forms of obstacles. Of course, that doesn’t mean that suddenly life radically changes and that everything is alright. But somehow, through that practice of compassion, life makes sense. It makes sense to live, it makes sense to move forward, it makes sense to do anything.


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