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內在財富一詞 / 當你感到迷惘和困惑時 / 不要對自己太嚴苛

2 June




Inner Wealth is a term used to describe your innate values of compassion and wisdom.

Compassion and wisdom might seem to belong to spirituality and have nothing to do with wealth. However, we are so used to connecting wealth to material resources that we have lost sight of its relevance for other things like loving kindness and other non-material values.


8 June



當然,還有無數的偉人向我們示現了許多 – 實際上是他們人生的每一步。所以只要經常翻閲他們的故事,就能啟發我們有所領悟。


#Karmapa – what to do when you feel lost and confused

Whenever you feel a little bit confused and lost, always go back to the teachings, always go back to the practice. And it also helps to also revisit the life stories of great Bodhisattvas, great beings, such as that of the Great Marpa, the Great Mila and the Great Gampopa. Those are great examples.

Of course, there are countless other great beings who have shown us so much – actually every step of the way. So just brushing up on their life stories from time to time will help us develop inspiration.


14 June



#Karmapa: don’t be too hard on yourself

While carrying out all our tasks, we need to accept that life is changing, life is fragile. We need to accept the conditions and carry our responsibilities, not by putting great pressure on ourselves but by accepting the simple facts, and then striving to live one moment at a time.




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