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9 April 2018
Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, shares the following message concerning tragic events over the weekend:
Dear dharma friends
This weekend, we witnessed unimaginable suffering.
More than 70 people were killed in a suspected chemical attack in Syria. In Canada, a crash involving a junior ice hockey team killed at least 14 people.
Young lives, innocent lives, have been taken from us in the most tragic of circumstances.
Let us pray for all those who have lost their lives. Let us pray for the parents, the families, and all those who mourn at this time. And let us pray for the end of violence, the end of suffering; and let us pray for peace for all sentient beings.
With compassion and prayers
Thaye Dorje
His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa #Karmapa


皈依對象的真正意義 / 平等 / 修習禪定

我們需要明白以佛陀作為皈依對象的真正意義,當然我們可以依釋迦牟尼佛作爲對象- 或任何我們認為是神性的形像,這純粹只是一個參考,沒有別的。就好像其他概念一樣 – 它只不過是一種象徵,就好像自己本質的反映。


We need to realise that the idea of taking refuge in the Buddha – of course as a reference point we can think of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni – any form of what we think is a divinity, is simply a pure reference, nothing more. It’s just like any other concept – it is nothing more than a symbol, like a reflection of one’s own genuine qualities.


噶瑪巴- 平等:


Karmapa on equality:

The Buddhist theory is that the idea of equality can only come from seeing that there is no need for a great emphasis on a single self, but instead to see that all appearances are there due to causes and conditions, and due to dependencies. There is no particular self that stands out greater or better than the rest. When we focus, when we meditate, we can see this, both logically and from our experience.


可能要將注意力集中在某些善行或好的事情上是困難的,又或者要修習布施或忍辱並非容易。可能會有很多障礙。但是經常修習禪定,身心會變得很靈活、有能力,無論你想專注於什麼,你都可以專注上 – 無論你想要運用什麼,你都能夠輕易地運用上。


It may be difficult to tell the mind to focus on something meritorious or something good, or to practice generosity or apply patience – it is not always easy. There can be many disturbances. But when meditation is applied often and regularly, then both the body and the mind become so flexible, so able, that whatever you try to concentrate on, you will be able to concentrate on – and whatever you try to apply, you will be able to apply without any difficulty.



我們需要保持覺察一切 / 生命的目的是為了利益他人 / 將心放鬆

每次在飛機起飛前,都必須作全面的檢查 – 機翼、引擎以至所有一切。同樣地,時刻保持警惕並檢視自己身語意的狀態是非常崇高和重要的行為。因此,作為一個修行者,我們需要保持覺察一切,避免累積不必要的惡業。


Every time before a plane takes off, it has to be checked from top to bottom – the wings, the engine, everything. So in the same way it is very noble and important to be constantly on guard and check one’s own being. Hence, as a practitioner, one should be aware of everything so that one doesn’t accumulate unnecessary karma.


31 May

生命的目的是為了去理解生命。當我們明白生命時,我們會看到生命是為了利益他人。沒有什麼比這目的更重要,沒有什麼不好或難以理解的 – 就是這麼明顯且簡單,生命的目的是為了利益他人。

The purpose of life is to understand life. When we understand life, we see that this life is about benefiting others. There is nothing more, nothing negative or mysterious – it is plain and simple: to benefit others.



只要我們可以將心放鬆,只要我們可以安住在平靜並保持覺知 – 所有需要的就只是這些。然後其他的都會自然而然地發生。

As long as our mind is at rest, as long as we are calm and mindful – that’s everything that is needed. Then everything else will come naturally.