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誰可能是你的善知識 / 禪修的體驗




It is really a mystery who could be your spiritual friend. It could be anyone, so therefore we should never underestimate anyone. Of course, there are also guidelines in terms of identifying a spiritual friend who is on a Bodhisattva path. From every angle, from every corner, when you look at that person, that person has genuine compassion and a genuine wealth of a Bodhisattva’s ways of knowledge. Such a person is rare, but when you find this spiritual friend, you really have to cherish that, because that very friend is very precious… even Buddha has said that such a spiritual friend is far more precious than meeting the Buddha himself.






The experience of meditation is like getting into a character, like someone who’s forgotten his or her identity. Relying on this method called meditation seems to require the person to get into that character, all the while not realising that that very character is him or herself.



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