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洽美仁波切的開示 : 「佛像開光」是什麼意思?


答:佛像開光被視為使佛像注入生命。核心內容是「迎神安住」,迎請法界智慧本尊,迎請祂融入佛像。有很多種方法可以將咒語捲軸放置在佛像內。 咒語捲軸代表佛陀的身、語、意;上身,中半身、下身;和代表佛陀的意清淨與利益眾生的願望。

Q :What does “ consecration of Buddha statue “ mean?If statue is not consecrated can we still place it on shrine ?

A:Consecration of statues are considered making the statue alive, alive as in Inviting the wisdom aspect and welcoming it to the statue.There are ways to place the mantra scrolls inside of the statue. The mantra scrolls represent the Body, Speech, Mind, The upper body, the midsection of the body, the lower part of the body, purification and aspirations of the Buddha.

需要有人來指導我們 / 拒絕接受無常,會造成焦慮、困惑和痛苦


當真正坐下來時要告訴自己,如「自性本來清淨」,可能會很困難,儘管我們可以在沒有給情緒打攘的時候,能與此實相聯繫起來。 如果當我們處於危機之中,並且對自己產生懷疑時,很難接受這些真理,這就是一個明確的信號,表示我們確實需要有人來指導我們,向我們展示和教導我們。


To really sit down and tell ourselves things, such as, ‘I am inherently pure and decent,’ can be difficult – although we can relate to these truths during unemotional moments. If we have a hard time accepting these truths, when we are in crisis and have doubt in ourselves, then this is a clear sign that we do need someone to guide us; someone to show us; someone to teach us.

(Photo/Tokpa Korlo)

如果您看著時鐘並要求它停止或“停留一分鐘”,它只會不斷從一秒鐘滴答到另一秒鐘。 無論你怎樣要求時鐘,它都不會停止,甚至一刻都不會停止。 時間是不會停頓,這是不可避免的,無常也是如此。 最終是我們越要選擇以某種方式拒絕接受這個事實,這個變化的現實,我們越會經歷最後限期和面對時間流逝我們卻無能為力的壓力。結果,會造成焦慮、困惑和痛苦。

我認為佛陀基本上就是這樣看透或體驗所謂的輪迴運作。 生活中的輪迴始於我們不接受無可逃避的真理那一刻。 我們嘗試用各種方式忘記無常這個事實。

If you look at a clock and ask it to stop, or ‘hang on for a minute’, it will just keep ticking from one millisecond to another. Whatever you ask of the clock, it will not stop, not even for a moment. Time
is unstoppable, it is inevitable. And so it is with impermanence. In the end, the more we choose to somehow push this fact aside – the reality of change – the more we will experience the pressure of a
deadline, the pressure of time being taken from us without the power to do anything about it. As a result, anxiety, confusion and dukkha arises.

I think that is how Buddha basically saw or experienced the way in which the so-called samsaric life
functions. The samsaric aspect of our lives starts to occur from the moment we push aside this
inevitable truth. We try all sorts of things to somehow forget the fact of impermanence.
(Photo/Tokpa Korlo)


洽美仁波切開示: 如何教導孩子


If my child is naughty can I spank him?
There are always skilful methods to teach a child but a spanking is needed sometimes haha” as long as you are not spanking with anger but with good intentions is ok according to dharma. Good Luck!

洽美仁波切的開示 : 如果家人往生怎麼辦?


這是一個非常重要的問題。 我們應該為亡者作49天的佛事。經典記載,從死亡到第49天,每7天神識會昏過去然後醒來,在醒來的期間,神識是最清醒而且純淨的。 因此,讓家庭成員認識到這一點是很重要,並且要累積功德、祈禱、念誦咒語和作回向。

What to do if family member pass away ? 

This is a very important question. we should preform rituals for the 49th day. It is believed that every 7 day from the death until the 49 day the mind somehow blacks out and wakes up again and during that time the mind most awakened and pure. so it is important for family members to be aware of this and to accumulate merits, pray, recite mantras and make dedications.

洽美仁波切的開示 : 發生騷亂時該怎麼辦,我應該報警嗎?




What to do when there are riots, should I call the police? 

The problem with people is that when there is something going on, especially this big, we always tend to be drawn to what’s happening and forget what we are doing and get sucked into a different mindset. Calling the police might be the most common sense thing to do but what then? Your mindset still continues where it’s not supposed to be and only grows, what we should do is to reflect on the Four Thoughts, Precious Human Body, Impermanence, Karma and The Sufferings of Samsara. From this we can get a different perspective, create positiveness and continue with our spiritual path.

洽美仁波切 在 神變月大迴向觀音法會的開示



自從第十七世大寶法王指示大家持誦大悲咒,我很高興見到共有七十五位法友合力共修,總集了 56902 遍千手千眼觀音的心咒!大家把身語意結合為一,虔誠共修,成就了一個善舉,種下了善因,結出善果和累積福德!




Messages from Chagmay Rimpoche :

Tashi delek to all the dharma brothers and sisters.
Since this was adviced by H.H. The 17th Gyalwa Karmapa and we as students have been practicing the recitation of The Mantra,
I’m so pleased to know that 75 people have come together and accumulated 56,902 mantras of Thousand arms chenrigzig.
We putting our Body, Speech and Mind towards the practice as one will definitely make a matter, a cause, an effect and many merits. I know that many people are struggling these days, work wise and also mental wise because of what’s been happening to Hong Kong for the past many months. Please be strong everyone! These hard times are the time when we have to be wise and use our spiritual knowledge to understand things happening around us and not to adapt ourselves with the emotions and head to the wrong direction. Be Vigilant with your emotions, Be Mindful and have Awareness and lastly please stay safe everyone.

Omze la, lama Tandin and myself rejoices to all your efforts.

洽美仁波切 在 藏曆新年的第一天 的開示



祈福吉祥神變月:由2/24-3/24 天天都是吉祥日,行持任何善法,功德均會成千上萬倍增。

由明天2月25日至3月2日下午6:00 前齊心集合眾法友的善心,儘量每天念誦大悲咒108次。
參加者每晚10:00 前請「個別」whatsap  往中心手機55071138,報上念誦大悲咒的數目。
由於疫情關係,迴向日只有上師們出席 。法會迴向日設有:
1)祈福牌位,每份$30 (可寫合家及夫婦)
2)先人蓮位,每份$30 (可寫夫婦)
3)祈福燈、  (7日 $300,3日 $200)
4)往生蓮燈(7日 $300,3日 $200)




慈悲的仁波切已把大悲咒錄音,方便大家跟隨 :

洽美仁波切的開示 : 面對新型冠狀病毒,我該怎麼辦?



What should I do in face of corona virus? This is a very difficult time we face and to take all the precautions is needed. If you have dharma pills you should take them, if you don’t have Centre has them you can always come and get it. wearing blessed items around our neck, and to recite the 1000 arm chenrigzig mantra

洽美仁波切 在 藏曆新年法會 的開示







洽美仁波切的開示 : 房子裡有害蟲怎麼辦?





What to do when there are insects in the house?

I guess it depends wether if there is a (A)invasion of whatever kind of insects or (B)Just some passer by. If it’s A then best call a pest control and after that accumulate merits like life release or pujas dedicated for the insects.

If it’s B then try the kindest way to let them out of your home.

洽美仁波切 對 冠狀病毒疫情 的開示


各位法友: 生命危脆,或許在今天大家更有深切的體會!並覺察到現在是認真努力修行的時候,以利已利人!



1. 佈壇:奉上祭品。    最好有千手千眼觀音的唐卡或相片。否則供奉佛陀的相片亦可。

2. 誠心觀想自己的「根本上師」在頭頂,以引導修持。專注引發「菩提心」。

3. 宣奉受持「八戒」,並對壇頂禮三次。

4. 由於我們沒有整個法本唸誦,則可以持誦本尊的心咒,每天誦三百遍。誦時須保持「菩提心」於當下,並生起「慈悲心」以成就未來。即是在此刻發出善願,以求衆生免於災難痛苦。

5. 當你感到自身的種種情緒和執著已全部淨化消除時,觀想自身已經成為菩薩。

6. 最後迴向衆生


解脫 / 與認知有更深刻的體會









(照片/ Tokpa Korlo)

#Karmapa on liberation:

Liberation is not really gaining something, but instead realising something: having a very strong sense of realisation that there is nothing to lose at all.

The reason why we orient or introduce the idea of liberation as if it is something to gain is because of our inhibitions around losing something. Therefore, we have this idea of having more and more – more enlightenment, more merit, more good karma and so on.

Deep down, we have to realise that this aiming for liberation, this yearning that we have, has to somehow flow in a way that we sort of let go, of whatever we can, one by one.

That’s why we’re taking refuge – refuge meaning that we basically let go. And the more we are able to let go, then the more a sense of peace, a sense of completion is there.

When we say someone has completely awoken, completely awakened, it means that individual has finally reached a stage where there is nothing to lose, that they have nothing to abandon any more.


(Photo/Tokpa Korlo)



The rising of the sun is very interesting to all of us, very inspiring, while the setting is often a somewhat melancholic thing. But actually, we are the ones (meaning our thoughts) that make a sunset melancholic, whereas the sun itself has no emotion at all about setting – and not because it is going to rise tomorrow, and for every day after that. There is no real emotion present like ours, let’s say. I don’t mean to say that we have to become completely emotionally dull and numb. But observing that kind of cycle helps us relate to change, impermanence and death. Then, if we slowly reflect on our own being, we can probably relate a little better to these subjects. The point is that by doing so, we will be able to relate better to what is so difficult to relate to: enlightenment.


(Photo/Tokpa Korlo)