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9 April 2018
Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, shares the following message concerning tragic events over the weekend:
Dear dharma friends
This weekend, we witnessed unimaginable suffering.
More than 70 people were killed in a suspected chemical attack in Syria. In Canada, a crash involving a junior ice hockey team killed at least 14 people.
Young lives, innocent lives, have been taken from us in the most tragic of circumstances.
Let us pray for all those who have lost their lives. Let us pray for the parents, the families, and all those who mourn at this time. And let us pray for the end of violence, the end of suffering; and let us pray for peace for all sentient beings.
With compassion and prayers
Thaye Dorje
His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa #Karmapa


貧乏與富足 / 修持

karmapa-fb20091620 September



#Karmapa on Poverty and Prosperity

A mind disturbed by the anxiety or confusion (Sanskrit: dukkha) of not realising its true nature is in a state of poverty. The mind possesses the potential to overcome anxiety or confusion – hence ‘true nature.’ Absolute prosperity is the state of cessation of the causes of anxiety or confusion (karma and klesha).


21 September

你們不需要太多的修持法門,不管他們聽來是多麼的漂亮,正面。就像我們吃東西一樣 – 我們只可以在一個時間吃一口,不多於此。所以,我們需要專注地修持一種法門。通過不斷地、行常地修持某一種法,就好像保持均衡飲食一樣,這就會變得有意義,有助於減少焦慮、緊張、並幫助我們活出非常精彩的21世紀。

Karmapa on Practicing

You don’t have to have too many sets of practices, no matter how brilliant and how positive they sound. They are a bit like when we eat food – we can eat only one mouthful at a time, not more than that. Therefore, we also have to mindfully apply one practice at a time. By doing this constantly at a good rate, just like maintaining a balanced diet, it becomes meaningful, it helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and helps us to live a very exciting 21st century life.


(Photo/Magda Jungowska)


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